Tattoo, Body Piercing and Laser removal



Black Pearl Tattoo Ltd

Piercings £20 each & just £15  on a Tuesday & Saturday 

Laser Removal

Fully trained, male and female, licensed body piercers.

Discreet Brand new dedicated studio.

No need to book, just walk in.

The results we have had from

this are incredible.

Nearly every customer who has 

got back in touch with us after having

the daith piercing have reported amazing results and for some,

life changing!

We cannot guarentee it will cure

all symptoms, it however seems to be working well for

anxiety, stress and headaches. We have even been recommended by Doctors and hospitals in the area.

First class tattooing.

Custom, freehand, all styles, cover-ups and tattoos fixed.

Daith piercings,

migraines & headaches

Laser removal From Just £30 per session